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Real People: Mixing Patterns

Once again, our friend Peter in San Francisco shows us how to mix patterns easily and successfully using just two rules-of-thumb:

  • Vary the scale and density: Scale refers to how large the pattern is, while density refers to how closely things such as dots and paisleys are set next to each other. However you’re mixing your patterns, just make sure to vary the scale and density of each of your pieces. Otherwise, you risk looking like this guy
  • Cheat: It’s always easy to pair things with subtle patterns. Such as a hairline striped shirt with lines so fine that the color resolves to a solid from more than a couple of feet away. Or the wool tie Peter is wearing in the first photo above, which features a pick-and-pick weave with dusty greens and golds. That’s more of a texture than a print, but the effect of textures are the same: they add visual interest.

Of course, these are just rules-of-thumb to help you pick what to wear in the morning. In end, when it comes to pattern matching, just dress according to your eye. And know that if things get too complicated, it’s always easy to wear just two patterns. That’s pretty much failproof.


Nike Flyknit Trainer+ - White/Black (by Diego Posso)

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You know what would be good right now? Sex

Angelina Jolie at 19 years old (1994)

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I often have this feeling that i’m gonna fail at being an architect and that ill not know what to do with my life. It really scares me.